There are generational differences between apes who grew up in laboratories and those who grew up free.

A film with obvious patience, a rare intelligence in these productions and pure expertise in the art of cinema. Not to mention that raises interesting ideas about diplomacy, persuasion, law and leadership. And worth praising the effects again, which are courtesy of WETA studios, Peter Jackson, the same people responsible for giving life saga The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit.

The base of the Planet of the Apes franchise are metaphors with slavery, revolutions and the European conquest of the Americas. Being the most current production, “Inception” and “The Stand” also adds a subtext about the paranoia with the American war on terror. But nothing is chewed or thrown in the face of anyone, which is important in producing the drama, action and tragedy. It is a unique audiovisual experience. In short, it is a smart, thrilling, exciting, beautiful movie to watch (preferably on the big screen) and some interesting cultural burden. “The Stand” is simply a great movie. And to finish once the flattery, may know, the performances of Andy Serkis as Caesar and Toby Kebbel as Koba are so unique and spectacular that even if only on account of them will guarantee his place in the history of cinema “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes “

Kuba is one of the monkeys that nourishes prejudice towards humans;
After principal photography were closed, the actors playing apes for motion capture in the movie took more than a month of shooting in the studio to make the most intense movements that could not be done on location. The extra footage was also taken to give more detail to the performances of actors like monkeys;
During the first week of shooting, Kebbell had trouble letting your hips in the required position. He only managed to meet the needs of the character after having lessons with Andy Serkis and Professor motion capture Terry Note;
Nick Thurston, who plays River, the teenage son of Caesar, says the ape community is quite isolated, as were the first tribe of Native Americans;
River has a rebellious nature and admires Koba, the monkey does not like humans;
The actors playing apes participated in a “course for monkeys” for two and a half weeks before the start of filming;
Terry Notary says “course for monkeys” served to actors met the monkeys within themselves, rather than just imitate them;